The methods of using concrete mixing plant

2017 April 13
by heiha

The concrete mixing plant on power up and power off is a necessary process. The reasonable and safe operating concrete mixing plant not only can reduce the accident, but also can ensure the service life of the concrete mixing plant. So the station master should plan for the work flow which the operator can operate the concrete mixing plant safely so as to ensure the smooth production. Today I will do a brief analysis for the people, so that we can use it correctly.

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The sequence of starting concrete mixing plant:

Firstly, the control switch which includes the main engine, the cement silo, the pump, the mixing chamber residential construction, the flat belt, the inclined belt, and the discharge switch in the motor cabinet should be opened. Then it should open the computer host. After opening, firstly it should test the mechanical movement capacity. The first is to operate the diagonal belt, and then run the host, and finally to run flat belt. It can guarantee that the inside scrap can work out and maintain the mechanical integral movement. If in the case of normal operation, you can open the pump, batching machine and so on. Thus the machine began to work properly. If the starting sequence of some of the equipment is not right, it also means that there is no normal start. It will cause damage to the device for long time sicoma concrete mixer for sale, this situation is to resolutely put an end.

The sequence of closing concrete mixing plant:

Closing ingredients (including aggregate, cement) switch, water switch, feeding switch(belt without stock), mixing console switch(there is no aggregate in the concrete mixer tank ) underground tunnel construction, discharging belt switch(there is no aggregate on belt), storage bin door closed, cleaning the mixing tank, closing water valve switch and general supply.

The above are steps to start and close the concrete mixing plant. So the users should seriously treat the concrete mixing plant.

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