Correct use of diesel type concrete mixer

2017 April 13
by heiha

1. Diesel type concrete mixer is generally used to work with diesel, so the user must keep a look at the diesel tank to see if there is enough oil, the user must ensure that when use the mixer every time, there is enough oil in the fuel oil tank.

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2. If in the process of using, the diesel is not enough house construction, it should be added in time and it must pay attention to safety.

3. It should usually clean the diesel tank and replace the diesel.

4. It should frequently check the screw bolts on the diesel tank to see if there is loose, if they are loose, we need to repair them in time and we need to check whether the welding of the diesel tank is firm.

5. Before using the new diesel type concrete mixer, we need to have a test run, we should pay attention to the sound of the mixer to see if it is normal when having the test run, and at the same time to confirm the mixing drum and mixing blades if they are intact.

6. When the diesel concrete mixer is working WZ Series Paddle Mixer, the operator can not put the hand, head or tool into the mixing barrel.

7. After the working of the diesel concrete mixer, we should clean up it with water. Before cleaning stationary concrete batching plant, we need to check if the oil box cover is closed to avoid the water flowing into the diesel tank to impact the diesel concentration.

8. The diesel tank of diesel concrete mixer is very important, the user should often clean the diesel tank rust and have the corrosion protection to ensure the diesel tank is clean.

The above is the correct using method of the diesel type concrete mixer, we hope that it can help you!

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